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We guide shoppers to the best of Vintage, Resale, Antiques, Repurposed, DIY'ers & More w/ a popular PAPER MAGAZINE, SOCIAL MEDIA ADS & USEFUL ONLINE TOOLS.

Popular since 2006, we circulate 120,000 copies a year. About 2/3 of these go to stores we feature (see shops on Big Map). The rest go to corporate & retail locations, tourist bureaus, salons, apts., strip malls, Michigan Brochure Service's 131 Michigan locations and more. Last year's 2017 issue is online and the 2018 issue comes out mid-February.  

Many follow us on Facebook where we post monthly ads & events for each business we feature. Our Events page gives shoppers fast access to the fun events & creative activities the stores host. Instagram  & Twitter will start in 2018.

Our tools help shoppers find stores, offers, events, items & more from their phones or laptops. From our homepage Hunt by Phrase > Search (upper left), Hunt by Distance > Zip (upper left), Hunt by City > alphabetical (under). The interactive Big Map is the portal to the places we feature, where color map pins locate these places & display their links. Click a pin for links to a business's name (that links to it's online page), contact info, social media, web page, directions, business description, video, print ad, coupons & more. 
Our media rates are affordable & the Guide is well endorsed. Contact us at or at 847-781-17

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