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We market for businesses in the following niches: Vintage, Antiques, Resale, Arts & Crafts, Historic Inns, Museums, Eateries & Attractions. We do the following to grow your customer base & increase their loyalty to you. 
Started in 2006, we feature you in our popular, annual digest magazine. 120,000 copies are circulated through the businesses we feature, to corp. locations, tourism bureaus, retail stores and Michigan Brochure Service's 120+ locations.
We share your posts, sales, events, etc. several times a month to our 30,000+ social media followers on Facebook & Instagram. FB: The Vintage Treasure HunterThe Treasure Hunter, IG: B A Treasure Hunter , B A Treasure Hunter 2  
We give you a website page for 12 months that's accessed through your map pin on our interactive advertiser mobile map. This map link is included on all social media posts so shoppers can easily connect with your business. 
On The Radio Shopping Show - WRMN1410, Elgin - we promote you, the annual guide & the advertiser map. 
Our annual rates are affordable. Since 2006 we've earned many ENDORSEMENTS
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