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We Lead People To Great Finds in Vintage, Antiques, Resale, DIY, Arts & Crafts, Historic B&Bs & Inns, Museums & Galleries, Restaurants & Attractions using these multi-media channels:
Since 2006, we've featured businesses in our popular, digest magazine. 120,000 copies are circulated through their businesess, to corp. locations, tourism bureaus, various retail stores and Michigan Brochure Service's 120+ locations. The upcoming issue (covering 2021) includes Historic B&Bs/Inns, Restaurants, Museums, Galleries & Attractions in Listing Sections. View developing listing pages by state:   Wisconsin / Illinois / Indiana / Michigan
We promote 3x/mo each customer's posts, sales, events - whatever they'd like - to our 30,000+ followers on The Vintage Treasure Hunter (27,000+ followers) and The Treasure Hunter (5000+ followers). 
Businesses get an online page for the year, linked to their map pin on our interactive BigMap. This map, included on every social media post, displays all those we serve. 
On The Radio Shopping Show - WRMN1410, Elgin - we interview businesses & discuss what we do for them. 
ANNUAL RATES start at $10 / month (Listing Sections).
CONTACT / 847-401-7853

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