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    • 800-791-6225
      127 Hazelwood Ave.
      Barberton, OH 44203
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    • Health cost-sharing is a way to satisfy your healthcare costs and help others while upholding your Christian beliefs and sticking to your budget. Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), the nation's first and longest-serving health cost sharing ministry (since 1981), provides a cost-effective, accountable and faith-based framework to help fellow believers facing a health crisis. Likewise, fellow Christians help you in your time of need. Members' pre-set monthly financial gifts to CHM are the funds used to share each other's healthcare costs. The ministry shares 100 percent of eligible bills and overall has shared $5 billion in members' healthcare costs. CHM is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity and the only health cost sharing ministry featured on The Dave Ramsey Show. CHM RATES (GIFTS) START @ JUST $78 / month!! WHEN JOINING, MENTION THE TREASURE HUNTER & YOU'll GET 1 FREE MONTH! Learn more >

      OPEN Mon - Fri 9-5 (EST)

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