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    • 800-846-8243
      2510 20th St.
      Rockford, IL 61104
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    • VINTAGE BRICK SALVAGE is the nation's premier manufacturer of thin brick tile sliced from actual antique brick. Our antique thin brick veneer and flooring tiles are popular choices for kitchens, recreation rooms, living rooms, wine cellars and fireplaces. Commercial recycled thin brick tile installations have included restaurants, pubs, casinos and theatres. Use it anywhere you would like to install the beauty of a real antique brick surface, without having to hire a bricklayer to lay 4 pound, 4 inch thick bricks. In addition to our thin brick tile, we offer antique common building brick and reclaimed clay and stone street pavers. Chicago common reclaimed brick is our specialty (Old Chicago brick), but we also buy brick from all over the Midwest and eastern half of the U.S. Milwaukee cream city brick, Saint Louis Reds, Indiana Oranges are all offered as available. We sell direct to the end user, shipping used brick and tile via the best method available.

      OPEN 7 days a week 8 am - 8 pm (phone lines). Showroom by appt.

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