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    Featuring: THRILL VINTAGE

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    • 847-346-6743
      11 E. Campbell St.
      Arlington Heights, IL 60005
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    • We believe that in every piece of furniture, every painting, every little antique knick-knack there's a story to tell. Who created it? What inspired its creation? Who owned it before? Where is it going next? Your home is a special place and it deserves to be filled with special treasures. Here at THRILL VINTAGE, we provide those one-of-a-kind items for which you've been searching for years, items that thrill. We travel all over Europe and here in the Midwest for the most unique treasures, and sell them to you at an incredibly affordable price. Stop by our store in cozy, beautiful Downtown Arlington Heights and find the next, best item for your house. Tell a new story; add a little vintage to your home.

      OPEN Mon - Wed 10-5, Thurs - Sat 10-6

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