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We are T R E A S U R E H U N T E R S. We enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the joy of great finds. In 2006 we started a purse-sized glossy magazine to guide treasure hunters like us to the great finds we knew about. It grew to areas around Lake Michigan. In 2017 we started a Facebook page to do the same - and our followers have also grown immensely. Now it's our pleasure to bring shoppers - 24/7/365 - the great finds, events & sales of shops & markets offering Vintage, Antiques, Thrift, Repurposed, Flea, DIY, Art & Crafts and More. Annually we circulate 120,000 copies of The Treasure Hunter glossy magazine. Weekly we post stores' sales, events & great finds on The Vintage Treasure Hunter and The Treasure Hunter where we have 33,000 Facebook followers. All posts include the BigMap link, our interactive website map made for mobile devices that displays stores' links and info. Shoppers can quickly browse places from this link. In 2019 we started broadcasting on radio the stores we serve and how we connect shoppers to them. We plan to continue radio coverage this year. For more details, click here .

Mike & Mary Jo

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