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We are T R E A S U R E H U N T E R S. In 2006 we started a color purse-sized magazine to guide treasure hunters like us to great finds. It grew from Chicagoland to WI, IN & MI. Several years ago we started a Facebook page to help. Now it's our pleasure to guide others - every week, 52 weeks of the year - to Vintage, Antiques, Resale, Art & DIY, Historic Inns, Museums, Eateries & Attractions. We feature locally owned businesses run by hard working people who love their work. They feature a wide variety of shops & markets; unique lodging that's rich with history; attractions that are fun & cuisine that's popular. We lead people to these treasured places using a popular, purse size magazine, social media ads, an interactive, website map and even some radio. For more info, visit .

Mike & Mary Jo

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